Feb 17, 2016


I've been quiet for a while and I wanna be honest with you.
I have so many good things going on, good people around me.
But somehow I feel like I'm not where I should be in life, what have I achieved that means anything?
My close friends are getting married, having children.
And society says that I should too..
I'm not alone, I'm seeing someone, he is such a gladiator in his work, and what he does I respect to the fullest. And I admire him so much.
But we're still getting to know each other.
So we're not ready to get married or have children.

Even with that said, the tumour I had will always be a threat of coming back. So that's another challenge.

I wish society, media and people could just take step back and realise there are no rule on how one should live their life

After meeting this man, people have judged, and they have absolutely no clue what it's about.
But regardless of that, just because my relationship is unlike yours, is it wrong?

Think before you judge.

I don't know,
There's pressure from everywhere and all I wanna do is live and not be judged for not following "the rules of how it should be"

Jan 23, 2016

Long time no speak!

I have been so frekkin busy and life happened for this I apologise! Here are some photos to show you that I'm alive.

Hope you're all well :)

Dec 10, 2015


Met Santa today, he asked me why I haven't sent him my Christmas list yet to which I replied "I have everything I need"
And then he said "that's what I've been trying to teach people to see"

Got myself a massive hug and went out into the British snow = rain and went home.


Stress is a bitch...

I have been working really hard and also booked in 2 new clients on the side of my day job..but my body is protesting.
I have had 10 days worth of dizziness and nausea plus my skin I going bad around one eye. All due to stress it was determined today.

Tablets and creams plus maybe some daily mini yoga sessions might help.

I'm going to an event at Lululemon yoga shop this evening and I'm hoping for inspiration.

Wish me luck.

Nov 22, 2015


It's starting to feel slightly "wintery" here in London. I still struggle to make any sense of the weather here. Just a week ago it was +19c here?! And now all of a sudden it's just +1c.
We had a few snowflakes and the entire city was amazed...

I don't mind it being cold outside...it's the fact that the windows will let aaaaall that cold air in and the radiators are useless.

But hey, I'll bundle up and scoot in under the covers and be a ok.

Nov 20, 2015


It's sad but true how one persons mistreatment of you can plant a seed of doubt throughout your life, relationships, meetings.
One person being bad creates a fear of others to be the same.

With this you might loose out on valuable people.
You might loose out on happiness.
You might loose out on Love.

I still struggle but I always hope for the good in the one who holds my heart.

A very treasured friend once said "they're not all him" I try to remember this and I also try to listen and look at the person in front of me rather than my fear.

"A woman who opens her heart to Love you, when it's already broken, is braver than any person you'll meet."

~ Steven Benson

Oct 24, 2015

London life...

Date night at the Fumoir was the highlight, Autumn leaves and mood boards inspiring my busy days..trying to remind myself I live in a city many only dream of visiting, easily forgotten.